Norwich Contemporary Art Scene / Mandell's Gallery

´╗┐Mandell’s Gallery

Mandell’s Gallery is one of the finest art galleries in both Norwich and East Anglia, and attracts visitors from both UK and abroad with its spectacular collections of contemporary art and the artworks of Norwich School and Suffolk painters. Besides permanent collections, visitors of Mandell’s Gallery can also regularly enjoy special exhibitions that are changed periodically.

Today one of the most respected art galleries in the region of East Anglia, Mandell’s Gallery history dates back to 1965 when it opened its doors to visitors. Initially, its visitors were able to enjoy the 19th century Norwich School and Suffolk painters but over time, Mandell’s Gallery collection expanded to include 19th century English and European painters as well as works by contemporary artists from across the globe.


Mandell’s Gallery has three generously sized exhibition spaces with a fabulous staircase refurb with viewing gallerty and two medium rooms with a view of the Elm Hill as well as a large back space, allowing it to exhibit a variety of artworks. Its collections are divided into:

Opening Hours

Mandell’s Gallery is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

Admission Fees

Please contact the gallery for admission fees.

Additional Services

Besides delighting its visitors with its impressive art collections, Mandell’s Gallery also offers evaluations of artworks, advice on disposal, conservation and restoration of watercolours and oil paintings, and bespoke framing.

Getting There

Mandell’s Gallery is located nearby the Norwich Cathedral in Elm Hill. It has its own parking lots but due to limited space, there is no guarantee that you will find a vacant space. In this case, you can park your vehicle at the Elm Hill car park and go to the gallery by foot (you will need less than 5 minutes).